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Dentsem Dental Continuing Education Center is founded by an experienced team to provide post graduate dental education for Turkish dentist by organizing seminars, traning programs, symposiums and congresses.

In addition to holding dental scientific meetings Dentsem also publishes dental journals and books to fulfill scientific and clinical information needs of Turkish dental community.

Some Dental Meeting Titles of Dentsem:

Tempomandibular Joint Disorders and Occlusal Splint

Why should you attend this course?
• Do you think you have never had any patient with TMD?
• Or you have but you do not think you have enough information about this subject?
• Did you tried and failed to “treat” your patients with TMD with “splint” (night guard)?
• Do you think TMD is rare among the population?
• Is there can be a toothache which doesn’t come from tooth?
• Can you treat headacheor ear pain as a dentist?
• Is it possible to treat a patient with restricted mouth opening?
• Does the restorations and porcelains of your patients chip and break?
• What kind of restorations should be prefered with abraded teeth?
If you wish to find answers to those questions and more and to learn more about the other components of the masticatory system (TMJ, masticatory muscles) and to be able to treat TMD, this will be an appropriate course for you.
Aim of this course is to be fully prepared to deal with masticatory system problems and increase clinical success.

Course Contents
Day 1
• Symptoms of TMD
• Types and phases of TMD
• Factors causing TMD
• Examination
• Diagnosis
• Treatment options
• Effect of bruxism on treatment planning and material choise

Day 2 (Hands-on)
• Taking history from patients with TMD
• Evaluation of the pain
• Palpationand evaluation of masticatory muscles an TMJ
• Examination and evaluation of masticatory system functions
• Diagnosing the type of the disorder by reading the history and examinations
• Differential diagnosis
• Choise of splints for treatment
• Producing the splint and points to pay attention
• Planning exercises
• Education of the patient
• Follow up

History taking,
Examination and diagnosis
Treatment planning
Impressions and producing the splint on demo patient.

Layering Technique For Anterior Composite Restorations

Course programme by Dr. Sevil Gürgen and Dr. Zeynep Bilge Kütük includes applications of the theoratical information on models. GC Turkey is supporting the course with the brand’s products.

Dr. Sevil Gürgen
Dr. Zeynep Bilge Kütük

• Aesthetic Concept
• Evaluation of the natural tooth anatomy in the anterior region
• Color parameters
• Chosing color
• Principles of adhesion and chosing between adhesives
• Chosing the composite resin
• Chosing the instruments
• Rubber dam
• Mock-up/ silicone key application
• Prepaing the tooth
• Layering
o One layer
o Multi-layering
• Characterization (providing the natural anatomy of the tooth)
• Finishing
• Polishing, and discussion on possible problems with polishing and solution options

• Class IV restoration
o Mock-up and silicone key
o Preparation
o Adhesive application
o Layering thecomposite
o Finishing
o Polishing

Hypnosis in Dental Practice and Ericsonian Communication Techniques

Hypnosis in Dental Practice and Ericsonian Hypnosis course is a 2 day course by Dt. Murat Uslu, who is known with his books and seminars about the subject. Course includes practical training of communicational techniques and hypnosis besides basic information about hypnosis in dental practice.

Contents of the course:
• What is hypnosis?
• What are contemporary hypnosis techniques used globally?
• Hypnosis is not all about trance!
• Is hypnosing possible without trance?
• What is communication?
• What can be achieved during communication wtihout trance?
• How can you get over communication barrier?
• How can you win patients with anxiety?
• How can you motivate orthodontic and periodonthology patients further?
• How to manage the physical and emotional status of the patients before, during and after the operation?
• How to effectively communicate pedo-patients?
• What effects communications with patients?
• Rapport (establishing mutual trust and harmony)
• Using metaphors
• Role-playing
• Ratification
• Racig and leading
• Reframing
• Seeding
• Confusing
• Creating expectations
• Feed-back

Suggestions in hypnotic communication
o Verbal suggestions
o Nonverbal suggestions
o Paraverbal suggestions
o Backwards hypnotic suggestions

Examples of daily practice in dentistry
o Communicating with patients with anxiety
o Communnicating with pedo-patients
o Communicating with patients with gag reflex/bruxism
o Communication before, during and after surgical procedures

Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice

Course by Dr. Feridun Koşar, Dr. Mutlu Vural, Dr. Kerem Erkalp includes cardiac massage, maintainig airway, intubation, electroshock, using the instruments in emergency pack on mannequin besides theoratical information on medical emergencies.

Which questions will be answered?
o What are the instruments and medicaments in the regulatory obligated emergency pack and how to use them? Are dentists have authority to use these instruments and medicaments?
o What are the indications to open the airway? In what state should dentist intervene? If the patient dies, what can be the legal constructions?
o How to understand the patient is in anaphilactic shock? Differentials for anaphilactic shock? What should we do?
o How to understand a patient with asthma? Is it enough to notice shortness of breath? If so what should we do?
o Is there any precautions we should take before handling a patient with asthma, diabetee, epilepsy, physcosomatical disorers?
o Intervening an patient with a case of aspiration of water or foreign object?
o Approach to epileptic patients. What to know bout heir medications and epileptic seizures? Tips to know if it is a seizure.
o Lowest and highest values for diabetic patients
o Allergy tests for the patients who came for dental treatment for the first time. Is it necessary?
o What to do to patient having a MI? Are we authorized to intervene? Shoul we or shouldn’t we?
o Can taking an informed consent release us fro our resposibilties?
o What should we do if the bleeding does not stop in a patient on anticoagulants?
o Syncop and shock
o Sudden heart stop
o Hyper and hypo tension
o Bleedings
o Enfective endocarditis profilaxy
o Septicemia
o Glicemia: hyper-hypo-normo
o Allergical reactions
o Airway blockage

Practical applications
o Recessitation
o Using automatic defibrilator
o Evaluation of blood pressure
o Keeping bleeding under control
o Heimlich maneuver
o Iv catheter placement
o Maintaining airway

Boutique Implant Course

Boutique implant course for 4 spots only is a 2 full day course by a specialized team on implants, Dr. Güney Yılmaz, Dr. Hakan Akın and Dr. Koray Sadettinoğlu.

The course will take place in dental office and on the first day till noon, there will be theoratical training on basic implant applications by dr. Güney Yılmaz. In the afternoon, prosthodontic implamentations training will be given by Dr. Hakan Akın and clinical arrangements training will be given by Dr. Koray Sadettinoğlu.
On the second day of the course, in the morning participants will work on models on incisions, flap design, implant placament and sutures. In the afternoon, every participant will place 1 implant from beginning to end.


Surgical Training
o Implants and surface features
o Features of a surgical set
o Types and anatomy of bone
o Planning
o Points to note in surgical procedures
o Flap designs
o Suture designs and materials
o Complications
o Post-op care

Prosthetic Training
o Prosthetic planning
o Fixed and removable prosthetic treatment options
o One-day implants
o Late and immediate loading
o Fixed and removable temporary restorations
o Removable prosthetic rehabilitation
o Bar-retained dentures
o Ball-retained dentures
o Locator-retained dentures
o Fixed prosthetic options
o All-on-four cocept
o Hybrid prosthetic concept
o Closed and open tray impression techniques
o Cemented or removeble?
o Custom solutions
o Cementation
o Failure in implant based prosthetics
o Early and late phase failures
o How to overcome complications?

2 day course of on model and on live patient application, tea/coffee break treats, lunch, certification.

Dental Photography Course

Hands-on course will be given by two experienced instructors, Dr. Zafer Çehreli and Dr. Atila Ertan.

o Instruments used in dental photogrphy (Camera, lens, flash and accessories)
o How to choose a camera, features of smart phone cameras and approaches
o Accessories used in dental photography (mirrors, retractors, contrastors)
o Positions of intraoral photography (full-mouth up front, occlusal, and buccal)
o Importance of dental photography in dental practice (choosing color, patient archive and diagnosis)
o Processing the photos digitally and archive applications

Fee including; 1 day course program, training documents, lunch, coffee break treats, certification.

Botox and Dermal Filler Course

The course programme including all of the Botox, dermal fillers, PRP, Mesotheraphy, Dermaroller, Dermapen subjects will be held in North Cyrprus, NearEast University in may, by the most experienced team of Dentsem which has been given for many years now.

The training will take place in cooperation with Dentsem and Near East University will provide the participants a nice vacation opportunity besides an efficient course programme. After the programme which will take place on 17-19th of may, a certificate of attendance will be given to the participants by Near East University.

Leader and pioneer team on medical aesthetic trainings
Trainig will be given by experienced instructors that trained more than any instructor, in many different countries such as, Turkey, England North Cyprus on botox, dermal filler, PRP, mesotheraphy, dermaroller and dermapen.

The course by Dt. Melik Can Tokaç will include Botox and dermal fillers on basic and advanced level. Other medical Esthetic procedures such as PRP, mesotheraphy, dermapen and dermaroller will ben on the course programme also.

One of the most important features of this programme is that it is directly intended for daily practice and instead of being loaded with unnecessary theoratical information, programme is packed with tips and tricks and important know-how.

Botulinum toxin basic level theoratical and practical
o History of Botulinum toxin
o Fields using Botulinum toxin
o Effect mechanism of Botulinum toxin
o Evaluation of anatomy
o Types of Botulinum toxin and preparation
o Botulinum toxin injection techniques according to application site
o Dosage calculation
o Horizontal forehead lines
o Vertical glabella lines
o Goose-feet lines and wrinkles
o Nasal lifting
o Gummy smile treatment
o Smokers lines
o Evaluation and dosage calculation on live patient
o Hands-on application

Dermal filler Basic level theoratical and practical
o What is dermal fiillers?
o Evaluation of dermal fillers
o Evaluation of anatomy
o Choosing the filler material according to application site
o Injection techniques in dermal filler applications
o Micro-flexible capsule in dermal filler applications
o Choosing injection techniques according to application site
o Forehead wrinkles
o Glabella wrinkles
o Wrinkles around eyes
o Nasolabial wrinkles
o Non-surgical rhinoplasty
o Volumizing lip contour
o Perioral region (filtrum, oral commissures, barcode lines)
o Evaluation of live patient

Botulinum Toxin advanced level theoratical and practical
o General information about botuinum toxin
o Evaluation of anatomy
o Botulinum toxin injection techniques according to application site
o botulinum toxin for bruxism
o botulinum toxin for myofacial pain
o botulinum toxin for migraine
o botulinum toxin for platysma
o botulinum toxin for axiller hyperhydrosis
o complications and solutions

Dermal filler advanced level theoratical and practical
o General information about dermal fillers
o Anesthesia for dermal fillers
o Choosing injection techniques according to application site
o Upper cheek and zygoma region design
o Lower cheek and jaw line design
o Lip contouring
o Dermal filler and botulinum toxin for non-surgical rhinoplasty
o Dermal filler and botulinum toxin for zygoma design
o Complications and solutionas
o Evaluation of live patient

PRP, Mesotheraphy, Dermapen application
o anatomy of the skin
o skin rejuvenation applications
o what is PRP (platelet rich plasm)? And how it can be extracted?
o PRP and mesatheraphy application/injection techniques
o choosing injection techniques according to application site
o what is dermapen and dermaroller techniques and how to use?
o Choosing th mesotheraphy product according to skin type
o Combining theraphies and order of application (botulinum toxin, dermal filler, PRP, mesotheraphy)
o Common complications that can be seen during application or after application and solutions
o Evaluation of live patient

A to Z Implantology Course

Dentsem Continuing Education center is starting th 16th of the implant programme that has been repeated many times and highly requested. The training programme has 4 modules and is very comprehensive.
Dentists considering to participate the course can choose to take modules or as a whole. The implat course is coordinated with the contribution of Omnitech Implants.

Module I: Basic Implant Training
Module II: Implant Based prosthodontics
Module III: Advanced Implant Training
Module IV: Hands-on live patient implant training

Dr. Sertan Ergun
Dr. Ahmet Atila Ertan

Module I: Basic Implant Training

o Introduction to dental implants- terminology, history, material, surface, shape features, summary of general development
o Integrtion of dental implants to bones and soft tissue
o Evaluation of medical and local risk factors, patient history and medical informed consent form
o Evaluation of anatomy, determining basic anatomical risk factors
o Radiological planning, planning the treatment on CT and OPTG
o Surgical guide, areas that can be used, advantages and disadventages, application
o Sterilization and surgical prep, preparation of the clinic, preparation of surgical team
o Implant surgery and stages, basic surgical principles, post-op precautions, post-op follow up
o Backward planning
o What not to do in implant surgery, early and late phase problems
o Biological and mechanical problems
o Peri-implantitis, early diagnosis and treatment options
Hands-on: determination of bone thickness, application of simple surgical stents, implant placement, incision and suture examples will be shown on models.

Module II: Implant based prosthodontics
o Overdentures
o Screw retained restorations
o Cement retained restorations
o Choosing abutments in implant based prosthodontics
o Open and closed tray impression techniques
o Digital impression
o Bite registiration and articulators
o Prosthetic solutions for aesthetic region
o Temporary restorations and soft tissue modelling techniques
o Mechnical complications of the prosthesis and daily care
o Impression
o Face bow
o Temporary restortions
o Transfer of the soft tissue profile
o Impressions for bar retained prosthesis
o Cementation

Module III: Advanced Implantology Training
o Anatomical limitations in implantology
o Autogeneous bone grafting, intra/extraorally
o Biomaterial applications
o Sinus elevation by open and closed technique
o Treatment of periimplantitis cases
o Digital implantology, preparing surgical stent and application
o Biological and mechanical complications
o Grafting on bone tissue
o Sius elevation and membrane placement on models

Module IV: Live Surgery - Hands-on live patient implant training
o Model analysis, radiological analysis and case planning
o Pre-op Case discussion
o Theoratical summary before live patient
o Implant surgery (every participant will be palcing an implant on live patient)
o Post-op case discussion

Planning to Cementation Porcelain Laminate Veneer Course

Dentsem, continious education center is giving 22nd “Planning to cementation porcelain laminate veneer” course.

We appreciate the interest that dental proffessionals show about our “Planning to cementation porcelain laminate veneer “ course. Our courses that will take place on april and may are fully booked. New courses are planned to be held on 19-20th of august in İstanbul.

A first in porcelain laminate courses
As a pioneer education center, the course will bring together the state-of-artdental technologies and porcelain veneers as digital impressions and temporary restoration production is included to the programme. Dr.Murat Kökat and Dr. Atila Ertan will give the course with the contributon of Dentsply Sirona and Dişmat Vita. Within this 2 day course you will be able to find answer tou your questions anout not only porcelain laminate veneers but also contemporary dental technologies.

Digital Smile Design and Dental Photography
How to take dental photos and designing the smile digitally on the photos taken from patient will be shown on live model.
Mock-up on live patient
Mock-up transfer is a vital part of the porcelain laminate veneers, trnsfer will ben shown nd new smile will be evaluated on live patient.
Digital impressions and laminate veneer production with CEREC
Every participant will digitally scan their restoration from model and the design process will ben discused in detail. Not only the models will be scanned but alsa every participants designed porcelain laminate veneer will be milled. By this, participant will be able to evaluate the fit of the restoration and the precision of digital impressions
Every participant in this a to z training, will be experiencing adhesive cementation of the produced laminate to their own model. And on live patient, multi united laminate cemantation will be demonstrated.

o History of laminate veneers, logic behind laminate restorations
o Aesthetic perception, aesthetic concepts and applications
o Indications and contraindications
o Scientific evidence
o Material of choise
o Documantation (photos, study models, videos)
o Model preparation (on cast and on screen)
o Mock-up and introral application, digital mock-up
o Choosing color (visual and electronic devices)
o Relationship between light, color and material
o Material selection
Preparation and ımpression
o Preparation design
o Burs and instruments
o Checking the preparation (preparing the index)
o Opposing arch and bite relations
o Retraction of the soft tissue, materials and techniques
o Selection of the impression material
o Impression techniques (digital – conventional)
o Casts (digital – conventional)
o Temporary restoration materials and application
o Communicating with the dental technician
o Preparing the form
o Trnsfering th models and the data
Communicating with the dental technician
o Checking the design on screen remotely
o Color selection and characterization
Laboratory work-flow
o Physical and color fit of the restoration
o Optical phenomenon
o Relations on dynamic occlusion
o Phonetics
o Patient consent
o Choosing the cement
o Adhesive techniques
o Preparing the material for cementation
o Preparing the tooth for cementation
o Effect of cement to restortion’s final color
o Light sources
o Finishing
o Documantation
o Follow-up

Details about the programme: Practical application after theoratical part. (Photography, preparation, mock-up, impression, color selection, cementation, temporaries, optical impression techniques, digital design, veneer production by milling, cementation)

Soft Tissue Surgery Course

This 2 day course that will be given by Dr. Esr Güzeldemir Akçakanat is limited for only 20 participants.
On practical part of this training in İstanbul, perio-plastic surgery applications will be shown on sheep head and phantom models.

The aim of this course is to inform participants on the causes of periodontal and peri-implant soft tissue loss and treatment options theoratically and show these treatments practically on models.

1. Basic information
a. Healthy tissue anatomy and physiology around natural teethand implants
b. Periodontal and per-implant diseases
c. Mucogingival problems
d. Keratinised gum tissue, vestibular depth and frenilum
e. Wound healing in periodontal tissues

2. Evaluation of the periodontal and peri-implant tissues
a. Clinical and rdiological evaluation of periodontal tissues
b. Evaluation of the soft tissue before implant plancement
c. Evaluation of the soft tissue during implant placement
d. Evaluation of the soft tissue after implant placement

3. Periodontal plastic and aesthetic surgical treatments
a. Periodontal flap surgery
b. Periodontal plastic and aesthetic procedures
i. Gingival augmentation (free gingiva and connective tissue grafting)
ii. Vestibuloplasty
iii. Frenectomy
c. Post-operative approach
d. Complications

4. Practical part content
a. Periodontal flap incisions and collecting soft tissu graft on sheep head model
b. Suturing techniques used in periodontal surgeries